K faceMy name is Katherine Foxhall. I am a historian and lecturer at the University of Leicester, UK.

This blog accompanies my current research project in which I am examining how people have understood, talked about and treated migraine since the medieval period. As well as looking at how medical knowledge of migraine has changed over the centuries my book will focus on the people who have left traces of their experience, to bring to life the fascinating history of this common disorder.

My sources and ideas about this history, as well as thoughts on writing the history of illness and medicine more generally, will be the subject of this blog.

My other interests include the history of migration, environment, Australia and the British Empire. I get excited about ordinary people in the past, maps and the sea, and teach students about convicts, emigrants, the history of medicine, race, diasporas, colonial Australia and the British Empire.

More about my work, publications and how to contact me can be found here. I can also be found on Twitter: @historikat.

My research has been generously funded by the Wellcome Trust.

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  1. As a migraineur, I’m really happy to find and follow your work. As an eater, I’ve found a lot of relief (and many fewer and much more widely spaced episodes) if I eat lots of freshly fermented foods to make my “guts” happy– a contemporary idea but effective for me.


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